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Arsene Wenger: Should I stay or should I go?

Arsene Wenger: Should I stay or should I go?


Not only the lyrics to an 80’s rock song, it’s a question that Arsene Wenger, and many Arsenal fans, are asking.

With reports that Wenger has signed a new two-year contract, fans and pundits alike have questioned whether this is the right move for Arsenal.

There seems to be a clear division of what Arsenal fans want. There are those who want him gone as the team has failed to win much silverware and have been embarrassed time and time again in the Champions League. The division was made even clearer in their last game against West Brom when two different banners were flown. One calling for Wenger to leave and the other to stay.

Wenger took over the club in October of ’96 and transformed the club into what it is today, for better or worse. He managed the 2003-2004 Arsenal team that not only won the league, but went unbeaten. Hence the name, The Invincibles.

However, the lack of success in the league and in Europe during the last decade has made many question whether Arsene Wenger has overstayed his welcome.

Finishing fourth in the Premier League assures a team a spot in the Champions League qualifiers. “Finishing fourth” has become a punchline for Arsenal with many joking that it means the same to the team as actually winning the whole league.

With embarrassing losses in the Champions League to Bayern Munich and repeated losses to Barcelona, Arsenal have not progressed to the quarter-finals of the tournament in quite some time.

Collapse after collapse, the mental fragility of the team has been repeatedly question with many placing the blame on the manager. Lack of spending, questionable transfers, and “war chests” have left many Arsenal fans demanding a change. They are tired of seeing other teams win the league while they habitually finish first. They are tired of losing out on world-class players. What’s the point of being financially stable if money is not being spent to acquire the world’s best player?

Sir Alex Ferguson was another manager who became a legend at his club. He managed Manchester United for more than two decades. Once he left, the club went through some turmoil as the hand-picked successor, David Moyes, failed to assimilate. Louis van Gaal had better luck but his methods were outdated and did not play attractive football. Now under Jose Mourinho, the club is still trying to find its way back to its roots.

That is the worry of some Arsenal fans. Many have grown up and not known an Arsenal team without Arsene Wenger as their manager. Will a new manager be able to take Arsenal to that next step. He’s been at the club for a long time. Arguably, they have stagnated and it does appear to be time for a change.

Whatever they decide, the reactions on ArsenalFanTv will be must watch.